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AceFixtures for EURO 2008 1.2

AceFixtures for EURO 2008 1.2: Check up the latest stands of your favorite team with AceFixtures for EURO-2008 AceFixtures for EURO-2008 is a multi-language calendar showing the schedule of all the qualifying round games and a group standing of each team. Right after entering a new result, it simultaneously calculates the standing and the main statistics for all teams. As AceFixtures doesn`t apply the macros system, all the tables are updated in an automatic mode. The calendar works on the same principle as MS Excel, utilizing its interface.

Calendar 50 People to Tasks With Excel 1.28: Assign 50 employees to groups and tasks with an Excel calendar scheduler.
Calendar 50 People to Tasks With Excel 1.28

Excel calendar scheduler. Up to 40 tasks can be scheduled each day and you can assign up to 10 tasks per person each day from drop-down menus of available people. Up to 10 vacation periods can be assigned to each employee and people will not appear on the drop-down menus while they are on vacation. Outputs include task and employee calendars showing personnel assignments for the month. The calendar task scheduler is available for 50, 100 and 200

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ConnectCode Deluxe Add-In for Excel 1.0: A set of commonly used add ins for improving the productivity of an Excel user.
ConnectCode Deluxe Add-In for Excel 1.0

Excel Workbook. You can use this to identify and rectify any problems with your spreadsheet that contains complex formulas. Dynamic Ranges Namer - allows you to create many different types of Dynamic Named Ranges that can expand across columns or rows. Calendar Generator - allows you to generate a real time calendar with months, date and days of week breakdown for reference purposes. Sheet Creator and Sorter - allows you to create many worksheets

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PIPEtalk Excel Gantt Schedule  2.3: Free PIPEtalk 2.3 Excel Gantt Schedule in days/weeks, colored bars, 5&7 day calc
PIPEtalk Excel Gantt Schedule 2.3

Excel (2001) comes a free beta release of PIPEtalk 2.3 Excel Gantt Schedule. This Excel worksheet program provides day/week scales using colored bars to indicate the work days. Has non-workdays using 5 and 7 day calendars. Logic can be finish to start and start to start with lags. You can create two targets and compare one of them in the graphic bars. Simple to use. Instructions are included. VBA macro driven. Add or delete activities using macro

gantt, excel, schedule

Smart Calendar Software 3.0.2: Prepare and generate your event calendar
Smart Calendar Software 3.0.2

Calendar supports different paper sizes: A3, A4, A5, Legal and Letter. You can export the calendar with A4 or A5 paper and used as desktop calendar. You can also change the paper size to A3 and print the large calendar, and stick it on the wall. Calendar can be printed in portrait or landscape mode. You can export the calendar into PDF or HTML format for sharing with your colleagues. The calendar can also be exported into Excel format for futher

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FisCalendar 1.1.0: Configure and print calendars for any fiscal year with FisCalendar.
FisCalendar 1.1.0

calendar. FisCalendar uses Excel macros to automate the calculation of statutory holidays for any year. This is a feature of our premier paid product, LeaveTracker, but Newbex is releasing FisCalendar as freeware to help promote our company and demonstrate our competence in creating Excel applications. Calendars can be printed in either horizontal and vertical format. Other features are covered in the user guide included in the FisCalendar download

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Lucky Schedule for Europa League 1.0: Lucky Schedule for Europa League is an Excel project with all tournament scores
Lucky Schedule for Europa League 1.0

Lucky Schedule for UEFA Europa League is an Excel project with all tournament results and automated group round calculations. All you need to do for working with this calendar is to fill in match results. Everything else will be done right away by Excel. It will automatically work out teams positions in a group. With this excel file you`ll be ahead of the game and know about every event in the Europa League. Enjoy a good competitive spirit!

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